Intelligent Guidance for Medical Analytics



Sigma PSO will create a secure environment where clinicians and healthcare facilities can collect, aggregate, and analyze data, thus identifying and reducing the risks and hazards associated with patient care and improving quality.  The term "safety" refers to reducing risk from harm and injury, while the term "quality" suggests striving for excellence and value.


Our goal is  improve patient safety and the quality of patient care by sharing data on quality measures and developing quality improvement projects based on analysis of this data. Under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005.


The data, events, all documents, discussions, notes, etc may be considered Patient Safety Work Product (PSWP) and are both privileged and confidential. The protections of the Patient Safety Rule enable PSOs that work with multiple providers to examine the number of patient safety events that are needed to better understand the root causes of harm from adverse events and to develop more reliable information on how best to improve patient safety. Communications with PSOs are protected which helps to diminish fears of liability risk related to the analysis and reporting of safety events.


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